Dialogue cleaning/editing, foley, design, and mixing (Stereo or Surround) with Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools 12, and Isotope RX 6 advanced.

Post Production Sound Credits

Dialogue Editor + Sound Designer

(underlined titles contain links)

Tyger Tyger (2020) - Independent feature - Kerry Mondragon, dir.

Epic Bill Bradley (2020) - feature documentary - Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, dir.

Super Bois (2020) - short film - Jon Mancinetti, dir.

3rd Street (2020) - documentary - Mason Foster, dir.

Beth (2019)- short film- Courtney Lloyd, dir

The Scientist (2019) - short film - Octavio Estrada, dir.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance W. Bradley Electric (2019)- corporate promo

W. Bradley Electric AV Project Update (2019)- corporate promo

W. Bradley Electric Traffic Project Update (2019)- corporate promo 


W. Bradley Electric Security Project Update (2019)- corporate promo

Biopharma Complex - W. Bradley Electric Project Update (2018)- corporate promo

Russian River Brewery: WBE Project Update (2018)- corporate promo

Safety at W. Bradley Electric (2018) - corporate Promo

Vaseline (2018)- short film - Courtney Lloyd, dir. 

     -SELECTION: California Women’s Film Festival

     -SELECTION: The Women’s Film Festival

Laurie’s Day (2018) - short film- Josh Bevan, dir.

     -WINNER: Santa Barbara international film festival 10-10-10 competition, Best Director and Writer

     -SELECTION: Los Angeles Lift Off Film Festival

Unlawful Justice (2018) - feature film- Chris Baxter, dir.

     -WINNER: Marina Del Rey Film Festival, Grand Prize Best Film

Ready, Set, Aunt! (2018) - 48hr film competition - Josh Bevan. Dir. 

The Otherling (2017)-  48 hour film competition short- Leah Victoria, dir.

     -WINNER: Audience Award, Pajama Party

     -NOMINEE: Best of Los Angeles

     -NOMINEE: Best Actor, Ian Elliott

     -NOMINEE: Woman Filmmaker of the Year, Mika Pham

Pocha (2017) - short film - Rachel Rambaldi, dir.

The Lemon Tree (2017) - short film - Courtney Lloyd, dir.

Sonia (2017) - short film - Santiago Ceron, dir. 

Adventures and Outings (2017) - short documentary - Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, dir.

Catacomb (2017) - animated short - Alex Avila, dir.

     -WINNER: University of California, Santa Barbara department award, Best Sound

Miss Rivers (2017) - short film - Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, dir.

     -WINNER: Santa Barbara international film festival 10-10-10 competition, Best Director and Writer

     -WINNER: Best Shorts Competition, Merit Award

     -WINNER: Berkeley Video Film Festival, Grand Festival Short Feature Award

     -SELECTION: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival

Planted (2017) - short documentary - Chris Jenkins, dir.

Stuck (2016)- short film - Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, dir.

     -SELECTION: Oceanside International Film Festival

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