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2 wireless transmitter/receiver audio channels for lavalier mics or comteks

     -Sennheiser G4 wireless set with MKE2 microphone

     -Sony URX-P03 and UTX-B03 wireless set

     -Sennheiser XSW digital wireless set

2 Comtek monitors


     -Sound Devices Mix-pre 6

Boom pole:

     -Ktek 17' Carbon-fiber pole 

     -Ktek 12' Aluminum pole

     -Rycote shock mount

     -Røde Blimp wind protection

     -Ambient quick release

Shotgun microphones:

     -Sennheiser 416

     -Audio-Technica 8035 

     -Audio-Technica 897

Orca harness and mixing bag

Audio-Technica m50x headphones

Sound Devices MM1 preamp

Zoom H6 recorder

Zoom H1 recorder

Sound blankets, boompole holder and stand

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